Christer Brannstrom

Christer Brännström

Passion Driven Fullstack
Software Developer
(C#/.NET/Web API/ReactJS)

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About Me

I am a natural born coder with a love for beautifully written code. My main focus has been back-end development in C# on the .NET platform. Lately my focus has been Web APIs, but I also have experience with MVC and Web Forms.

When your company faces an IT challenge, or if you temporarilly have to scale up your team, I stand ready to bring with me an unmatched depth of real-world experience.​ My area of expertise - other than my solid software development background - includes Dev Ops in Cloud Hosted Environments, as well as Building and Configuring Infrastructure. Database Modelling and Leading Teams are also on my repertoire.

Software Development

16 years in the field of Software Development makes me a strong Fullstack Developer. My main focus has been Backend .NET Development, but recently ReactJS and also AngularJS

Software Architecture

Experience building large scale systems in both cloud environments and also on classical data center hosted infrastructures. Now focused on the Microsoft Stack on Azure.

Strategy & Planning

As a CTO at Luxtripper I've been part of the leadership team, and in that role I have been given the opportunity to work on the overall strategy for that startup.

Besides That

I am a Special Constable with the Metropolitan Police, which I find extremely rewarding. It gives me a different perspective on life and it helps keeping me fit. On top of this I also try to study Russian for fun; but I think my girlfriend has given up on me by now. Besides that I try to run regularly to keep me fit both physically and mentally. I’m also a member of Mensa since 1998; don't hang out with them much though, but I quite enjoy their opera nights.

Work Experience

Contractor - Contracting Coder Ltd (2017 - onward)

First stumbling steps down the path of The Contractor.

CTO - Luxtripper Ltd (2015 - 2016)

CTO/Software Architect in a Travel Tech Start-up. Built an Offline Sales Tool aggregating data from multiple different Travel APIs as well as exploring different ways to analyze freely available data and through this categorize hotel content.

Software Engineer - (2013 - 2015)

Senior Software Developer working on their Social Advertising Platform. My focus was on the main product integration of against Facebook's Ads API.

Team Lead - Media Inginuity (2011 - 2013)

Lead Developer/Solution Architect/Team Leader on the flagship project of Media Ingenuity. We were six involved developers, a product owner, a business analyst, and also a product expert. The project was run without hierarchies and everyone was allowed to be involved in the whole evolution of the project.

Software Developer - eBay Sweden AB (2007 - 2011)

Software Developer, Solution Designer and Integrator on eBay’s Swedish platform

Software Developer - Active Solution AB (2007 - 2007)

Software Developer Contractor building Web Applications on the .NET stack. Short-term gig since I decided to join eBay permanently after having worked a couple of months there.

Software Developer - Tacton Systems AB (2000 - 2007)

I was working as a Software Developer integrating our own Product Configuration into multiple different e-commerce applications. I had the opportunity to work with mid-sized and big companies both in Sweden and internationally. My first three years I developed on the Java platform, but then I chose to move on to mainly develop on the .NET platform.

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